Bike & Walk to Work

If you live 5-10 miles from work you are a good candidate to bike or walk on your commute. You can practically eliminate your commuting costs and get your exercise in on your way to work. We can help you find a safe route and maybe a buddy to walk or bike with.

About Active Commutes

Studies show that people who switch from driving to biking and walking improved their overall well-being. They report having greater feelings of freedom, relaxation and excitement than car commuters. They are also under less stress and concentrate better (sources: treehugger.com, consumer.healthday.com). 

Walking – The average distance a commuter walks is two miles. Before you get started, we recommend that you invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes and you test out your route on a weekend to ensure that it’s safe for walking. Even if you don’t walk all the way to work, consider parking a little further away and walking for part of the trip. Your body will benefit from the exercise and so will your mind. You will also have a chance to slow down and enjoy looking at what is around you.

Biking – According to new research from the University of Glasgow, in Scotland, bicycling to work is linked to significantly lower rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and overall mortality rates when compared with those who use a vehicle to travel to work. (source: healthline.com, 5/8/17).

We can help you find a safe route to ride to/from work and a buddy to accompany you. Our Bike Buddy Program is a service provided by eCommuter that matches bicycle commuters with one another. eCommuter can also help you find the best bike route.
Commute from far away? You can still drive most of the way to work, park and bike the rest. Using Park&Pedal, you can access a network of free parking hubs that are located at a convenient and bike-able distance from your worksite. Check out nearby Park&Pedal locations here.

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Benefits of an Active Commute

  • Incorporate exercise into your daily routine
  • Improve your mood and arrive at work refreshed and focused
  • Save on gas and maintenance costs associated with driving
  • Sleep better
  • Stay physically fit

Biking & Walking in Watertown

Plans are currently underway to link pedestrian and cycling paths to the existing paths in Watertown and the surrounding vicinity. At the Watertown TMA, we encourage cyclists and walkers to exercise their best judgment and know the laws and their rights as users of the road. “Share the Road” signage is prevalent throughout Watertown and the Watertown TMA will continue to advocate for infrastructure improvements that are favorable to those who travel via pedal or foot.

We are also proud to support the Watertown Bike Committee, a group of cyclists dedicated to making Watertown a better place for those who commute on two wheels.

 Click here to check out the latest news on bike trails and related activities in Watertown.


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