Why Carpool?

Are you a commuter who wants to save money and share the ride to work? Why not give carpooling a try? We can help you find a match, plan your route, and we guarantee that you won’t be left stranded at work if you need to get home in an emergency.

Interested in a carpool, but not ready to make a daily commitment? Many carpoolers share the ride only a few times a week. Since the average person spends about 18% of their monthly budget on transportation-related expenses, even as a part-time carpooler you can save money.

If every commuter opted to carpool just one day a week, traffic on the nation’s major highways and roads would be reduced by as much as 20%. (Source: South Florida Commuter Services).

About Carpooling

According to wbur.org, the average driver in the region spends 64 hours a year — a workweek-and-a-half — stuck in traffic. That's twice what it was in Boston just 30 years ago, adding about $1,400 a year to the average commuter's costs. Consider carpooling and reap the benefits of taking a car off of the roads we all share. Find a carpool partner today…

Already a carpooler? Let us know by emailing director@watertowntma.org  We’ll see if a preferred parking spot is available at your membersite.

Benefits of Carpooling

  • It's convenient. You and your carpool partner compare schedules and see what works best for you both.
  • It's economical. Share the costs of gas and tolls maintenance, parking and reduce general wear and tear on your car.
  • It's social. Make new friends, listen to new music, broaden your perspective when you ride to work with someone else.
  • It's healthier. Driving alone to work each day can cause stress-related illnesses  luckily --carpooling can save you from that.
  • It's cleaner. One less car on the road means less carbon and GHG polluting the air we breathe.

Find a Carpool Partner

eCommuter.org – eCommuter is a powerful commuter tool that includes a regional ridematching database. Login and enter a profile for yourself and you will be able to search among other profiles to see if anyone matches to your commute. Email your matches (their contact details are cloaked until they respond to you) to work out the details of your carpool group. Want to add another commuter? You can continue to search for matches. The system will even let you know if a new commuter adds their profile to the system and they look like a good match. Once you are carpooling, use eCommuter to log your commute for a chance to participate in contests and win prizes. Or check the cost calculator to see how much you are saving with your carpool. Log-in today to see how eCommuter can help you plan your daily commute.


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