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The Watertown TMA is exploring the possibility of providing shuttle services in the area. If you are an employer, a property owner, or a residential location in the Watertown area and you are interested in a shuttle program, contact us for more information on how to get started. Whether it’s a first/last mile connection to a transit hub or a local circulator, we can work with you to establish a new service and make it successful. From surveying and data analysis to route design and scheduling the TMA is available to work with our members to develop a custom shuttle solution. Contact us for more information.

Advantages of Offering a Shuttle

Happier, more productive employees – Studies show that people who drive in traffic often arrive at work stressed and can suffer from health problems related to stress. Taking a shuttle equipped with WiFi that drops off at the door of their location allows commuters to relax and ease into their work day all while letting someone else do the driving. 


Invaluable advantage for recruitment and retention – Shuttles can provide a necessary connection to your location that enables access to the best talent. Shuttles can bridge the gap between public transportation hubs and make your location accessible for everyone. 



Demonstrates a commitment to less congested roadways – We all benefit when the air we breathe is cleaner and the roads we drive, walk and ride along are less congested. Shuttles take cars off the road and that results in less traffic.



Do you think a shuttle might be a good solution for your organization? Contact us for more information.


Available Features of a Shuttle?

  • Comfortable connection from a bus, transit or park n’ ride location to your location
  • Ability to relax on the ride each day resulting in increased focus
  • An attractive benefit for recruitment and retention purposes
  • Customize the route and schedule based on your location and culture
  • Manage environmental regulations

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Registered participants can leave their car at home worry-free knowing that they have access to emergency rides through Lyft, taxi, or rental cars at no out of pocket cost to them. See program guidelines for eligibility guidelines and more information.