Public Transportation in Watertown

There are quite a few subway, commuter rail and bus routes in and around Watertown to make taking public transportation possible. We can help you navigate the best route that works for your schedule. Commuters from our member locations can contact us for help in planning their commute via transit.

Advantages of Transit & the WTMA

Personalized trip planning assistance – whether it’s via bus, the T, commuter rail, carpool, vanpool or bicycle, the Watertown TMA is here to assist you with your shared commute. We rely on the robust network of data that is available on our eCommuter site. We are ready and willing to help you make the most of your commute. Contact us today to get started!


Did you know that your employer may offer a pre-tax transit benefit?
Contact us to see if this incentive is available at you work location.
If you are an employer we can help you facilitate and/or establish a T-pass program that will allow users to pay for their passes directly out of their paycheck, using pre-tax dollars.


T FOR 2:


Watertown TMA is offering employees and residents of their members the opportunity to try transit commuting for free.


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Public Transit Options in Watertown and Newton

  • MBTA Green Line – Watertown is 2.3 miles away and Newton has multiple stops
  • Waverly Station (commuter rail) – Watertown is 1.2 miles away and Newton is 4.5 miles away
  • Belmont Station (commuter rail) – Watertown is 1.8 miles away and Newton is 5.4 miles away
  • Newtonville Station (commuter rail) – Watertown is 1.8 miles away and Newton is 1 mile away
  • West Newton Station (commuter rail) Watertown is 4 miles away and Newton is 1.3 miles away
  • Bus # 556 connects Newton , Newton Corner, and Downtown Boston
  • Bus # 558 connects Riverside, Pleasant Street, Newton Corner and Downtown Boston
  • Bus # 71– stops in and around Watertown connecting to Harvard Square
  • Bus lines 70, 70A and 71 – stops in and around Watertown
  • Bus lines 52, 59 and 558 – stops in and around Newton

Connecting Bus Service at Watertown Yard

  • 52 - Dedham Mall or Charles River Loop - Watertown Yard via Oak Hill & Newton Center
  • 57 - Watertown Yard - Kenmore Sta. via Newton Corner & Brighton Center
  • 502 - EXPRESS BUS Watertown Yard - Copley Sq. (St. James Ave. at Dartmouth St.) via Newton Corner & Mass. Turnpike
  • 504 - EXPRESS BUS Watertown/Newton Corner - Downtown via Mass. Turnpike

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