What is a Vanpool?

Vanpools are groups of 5-15 commuters with a similar origin, destination and schedule who get together and lease a vehicle and share the costs of commuting to work. The lease includes all costs such as insurance and maintenance. One or more of the vanpool participants is designated as the driver. Contact us for more information and help with forming or coordinating a vanpool group.

About Vanpooling

Do you have a long commute? Are you looking to relax and enjoy the trip to work while someone else does the driving? A vanpool may be a good commuting option for you.

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Is a Vanpool Right for You?

  • Commuting via vanpool gives riders time to read, nap, socialize, or even catch up on work.
  • Vanpooling can result in more productive, less stressed commuters.
  • Allow for the use of HOV lanes which reduce travel time.
  • Save participants money on gas, tolls, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Reduce wear and tear on personal vehicles.
  • Improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion by taking more cars off the road
  • Make new friends! Many vanpool groups socialize outside of work and make lifelong friendships

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Registered participants can leave their car at home worry-free knowing that they have access to emergency rides through Lyft, taxi, or rental cars at no out of pocket cost to them. See program guidelines for eligibility guidelines and more information.